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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MST

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crosses six lanes of wadsworth, then slams into the man on the sidewalk. >> unfortunately, it threw him up, man, and that was it, you know? it was really sad. >>reporter: and you can see the hole there in the walmart left from that driver. the pedestrian a 51-year-old man was taken to the hospital. where he died. as for that elderly driver, he was also taken to the hospital. police are looking into his claims thaa he had some kind of mechanical issue with his car. when he flew into the intersection is. we are live in lakewood tonight, molly hendrickson, denver7. >> a lot of questions left to be answered. we will continue to update you tonight on this denver7 app. in adams county, three people are in the hospital, they were caught in a fire off east >> jennifer kovaleski is in adams county where much of the scene is still blocked off.
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>>reporter: anne a, witnesses tell me that they saw fire crews rescue a woman who didn't appear to be breathing. they say they heard an explosion, moments before the home went up in flames. now, behind me, you can see fire investigators are still here, trying to figure out exactly what started this fire. now, take a listen to this video. [ sirens ] . >> oh, my gosh. >>reporter: and a neighbor captured this cell phone video moments after the fire broke outment you can see the massive flames engulfing the home off east 78th avenue. the call came around 12:45 this afternoon. it took the firefighters more than an hour to put out thh flamess. they pulled three people out of the home. >> i seen that they pulled a lady out of the trailer, and she was not moving, her feet looked kind of burned. and they laid her in front and doing cpr on her. >>reporter: now, adams county
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were inside were taken to the hospital. one is in serious condition. two others are in stable condition. rt reporting live in the thornton tonight, jennifer kovaleski denver7. and now, a developing story, we first alert td you through the denver7 app. ten men are under arrest following a child sex trafficking sting operation by immigration authorities. homeland security and local law enforcement. >> denver7 reporter lance hernandez is live in adams county, and lance, you have learned one of the suspects here is a schoolteacher. >>reporter: eric, warren village in denver, the authorities have no evidence to suggest that the kids were victimized but they're concerned that the men were seeking out sex with underage kids on line. three suspects appear in court today. they waived the reading of charges against them. the court documents show that an investigator posted his ad for soft little hands on craigslist. offering sex with underage girls
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one of the suspects, sent 38 messages asking where to meet. and how much the services cost. denver7 also learning that another suspect, david hocker r, is an elementary teacher at warren village in denver. >> obviously, it is very concern askinn the reason we put that information out in a press release is that people with know where this individual is at, and there's no speculation as to what school hes was teaching at. >>reporter: david hocker worked in the after school program, he didn't show up for work friday. they stress that he went through several layers of background children. another suspect suvanprateep have contact with students. ttorney dave young says if convicted, the suspects could face four to corrections. now, it's also important to note that three of the ten who were
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illegally and face deportation proceedings once the criminal justice process is complete. in adams county, lance hernandez, denver7. some disturbing allegations, lance. a 29-year-old colorado man was just picked up by police in connecticut. investigators say nathanael smith from aurora travelled to connecticut to meet a 13-year-old, he had planned to him. smith met her through a social media app called kick. smith had sexual relations with the girl. >> we're tracking several stories for you, a dozen colorado inmates convicted of murder could be released, thanks ruling. the ruling was a uns noed yesterday and settle -- announced yesterday and settling the debate it was unconstitutional to sentence to life terms without parole. 7 states, including colorado, didn't apply the ruling to those quicked before 2012.
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48 colorado inmates sent,edd33 between 1991 and 2006 to have their sentences revied. denver police are looking for the person who killed this man, 29-year-old jenkins, he was shot and killed outside of a business mra sa on peoria street this past saturday. a colorado man just got caught with a bunch of pot in nebraska.% he was arrested a drug canine alerted the police to the pickup. the canine was right. he had 515 pounds of high grade say. the street value on that much dollars. there's a heated adams county commissioners meeting about to get underway right nnw. part of their discussion deals with the adams 1 five star school district, leasing out mineral rights. mark boyle is in adams county and mark, this plan has many homeowners very concerned. >>reporter: understandably,
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implications near or underneath a couple of schools, just imagine that for a few minutes. the adams 12 school tis trikt leased out the mineral rights for two schools, receiving a royalty check for $20,000. however, nobody can o anything with the drilling there, because the county commissioner need to decide what kind of oil and gas exploration can go on throughout the county. that's what this big meeting is here tonight. very connentious meeting is expected here. at the government building in adams county. now, the concern isn't so much about the vertical drilling, but now oil and gas drilling is hor sdont l under the ground. the decisions could impact not only activity throughout the county, but activity throughout horizon high school area, and century middle school. >> any time fracking comes into an urban area, the land values go down, the property values go
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will also go down. >>reporter: there are about 250 people filling into that room right now, another 250 that will be in an overflow room, you can also watch online on the county's website. we have a reporter in there tonight. and we reached out to the oil and gas exploration activists here, however, nobody wanted to comment on camera for us, we'll have full coverage, liz geraldi is inside. in bouder county -- boulder county, the school district there is grappling with a oil and gas company. if an agreement isn't reached soon, the school constructionn3 could be delayed. it is sur is rounded by homes with residents who tell us they moved there specifically to send their kids to the neighborhood school. the district is working on the land swap so that the oil company can still drill elsewhere. family and friends are coming together in centennial to
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whos died after falling lu the ice in parker earlier this month. patric lantz was laid to rest today. he was trapped underneath the ice for 35 minutes. the coaches and team members spoke during today's servicee matt gantnier also died. a third teen was released more than a week ago. planned parenthood is asking colorado state representative to resign her seat, their petition has 62,000 signatures from all over the world. representative posted a controversial comments on line after a colorado springs planned parenthood was attacked in november. it said in part, quote, the true instigator of this violence ann all violence at any planned parenthood facility is mrnd themselves. >> if she's unwilling to resign from office,,i think that
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wonderful place to start. >> other supporters say if representative ddes not resign her seat within 30 days, they will hold another rally. another beautiful day in denver, kind of chilly out there. despite the sunshine. mike isstracking the the first alert forecast. and mike, it's going to feel like spring later this week. >> indeed, it will. it doesn't right now. it's 30 in denver. it's only 3 above 0 in gunnison. 2 at craig. the skies are mostly clear. to the west of us, not much going on for a while. there's a warm front that's first goong to come in. followed by a ssorm that arrives late in the weekend. so it's chilly but dry nd quiet tonight. we do have a 60 coming up in the 7-day planner, also some snow. thanks, mike. denver broncos linebacker von miller is on one of two sports illustrated covers this week. he'll be on the cover going to 28 states in the midwest and west. >> take a look. miller is seen sacking new england patriots quarterback, tom brady, saying orange rush. peyton manning will be the super bowl narrative. but the broncos soul crushing d
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that article says what we all saw on sunday, the broncos defensive performance that shut down the patriots x. by the way, sports illustrated readers on the east coast will get to see a picture of the carolina panthers quarterback, cam newton. the congregation at the highlands united methodist church has challenged those in charlotte, north carolina to see who can get the most food in 2014, the church beat seattle in a united in orange food drive. they fwather -- gathered 103,000 donations, they want to work together, united in orange. and by the way, these picture, pretty much represent colorado. look at loveland ski area, they sent us these pictures saying the ski area is broncos country usa. this group of skier and sno borders are showing their pride. keep sending us your pictures by posting on the facebook page or
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>> the white jerseys don't work well on the snow. we are enjoying seeing your broncos pride pictures and we do have a slide show now on >> patriots coach. >>bill: check bill belichick. >> they were turned away. why the event got cancelled. >> plus, a development project, could put the home to a family
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more than 100 people waited for hours overnight for the chance at affordable housing at a private apartment complex, only to be turned away. police were called when the
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and theesign up event was cancelled, llaving people like faye reece and others without a place of their own. >> terrible, devastating. you know, to sit there all night long, and we definitely need a place, you know, every place we go and call, rent is more -- one bedroom, a studio is more than we make on social security. >> denver city leaders admit there is a shortage of affordable housing and. a family of great horned owls have been living in the twin lakes open space area in boulder county for 30 years, now a possible development could destroy the bird's hunting grounds. denver7's kyle horan talked to boths sides, who say this isn't an issue. >>reporter: take a walk through twin lakes and you're likely to see this guy at his family home. these great horned owls have been residents for 30 years. >> so right in the hollow there, that's where the owls raise
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>>reporter: ken worried the habitat, specifically a nearby hunting ground is in danger, this field is where the owls hunt for food. but it's also private land, owned by the county, that's being looked at for development. >> naturalists have told us that if this development proceeds, the great horned owls will abandon their nest and not be here anymore. >>reporter: about a dozen proposals for development on this land, one is for affordable housing, this brings county officials to a difficult situation, housing is the county's number one issue. but also, they value the owl's well being. >> it is a concern in any development would be done in a way that's sensitive to the owl os but they're not on this particular piece of property. >>reporter: the website and petition has been created for the owls, so far, they''e gathered 1600 signatures, they want the field saved for the owls to hunt in. kyle horan, denver7. >> the power of the owl. there's a meeting tonight to discuss the land, however, they're just deciding which
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look at, no decisions on whether affordable housing will go up in that area. you going to see signs of the running tally of those killed on colorado roads, starting tomorrow. the electronic signs will update with the fatality number every week. last year, 545 people died in crashes on colorado roads. according to cdot, that was about a 12% increase from the year before. they hope the signs will inr encourage safer driving..3 nice and quiet across colorado right now, hardly anything to be seen on the radar screen. or on the satellite picture. take a look at the time lapse, along the front range. we just had a few high, thin clouds, drifting by. another very pretty sight in the denver area tonight. and it looks like we'll see more quiet weather on the horizon for the next couple of days. numbers for today. not very warp. but with the sunshine and the light winds, it felt better than that, 42 was the high, 18 the low. not far from the normals.
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degrees downtown, 30 out at the airport. 51% relative humidity. tonight, will be a chilly night, but not really all that bad. lows are going to be in the teens to low 20s along most of the i-25 corridor. a little bit colder towards fort morgan and anywhere from 3 degrees to about 10-15 up in the mountains and foothills. tomorrow, nice day. light winds, mostly sunny skies. highs in the 30s, if you're heading up in the mountains, low 50s over the denver area, mid 40s, greeley, and up towards the fort morgan area. kol spot will be down -- cold spot will be down in gunnison, 13 below 0 by 9:00 tomorrow. 0s at aspen and eagle. teens to 20 on the plain, tomorrow, it's 50s, close to 60 at lamar. colder at gunnison and at craig. upper level winds for the next few days, coming out of the west-northwest, and hat's going
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the northwesterly flow with the `hilly air will be across the great lakes, across the northeast, that's where it will be cold. we are milder for a while. until finally, late sunday into monday, some pacific storms begin to come in and change the ooerall weather equation. tonight, mostly clear. chilly with a low of 20. for tomorrow, the higg temperature of 52. pretty good looking day, and on the extended forecast, really good looking days this urz and friday. sunshine -- thursday and friday. sunshine, warmer, 60 degrees on friday. saturday, still dry, increasing clouds with 57. some flurries come in on sunday. turning colder and we're going to put the bright spot on a snowy monday. we haven't had much snow lately. colder weather for early next week. still too early to tell you what it will be looking at in the san francisco area for the super bowl, we'll keep a close atch. if this strong westerly flow
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welcome to 7 sports extra, von miller on the cover of sports illustrated this week, sacking tom brady, the cover reads orange rush. peyton manning will be the narrative, but the broncos soul crushing d is the story. the broncos defense is what got them to super bowl 50 and von, the heart and soul of that soul crushing d. von's mentor and idle, demarcus ware, plays opposste of 58 #1k3 told us, getting back to the orange rush or crush, was the goal way back when. >> let's bring the orange crush back, and that's what i felt like we played like last night. you know, we playyd over and
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we play every single game, that was like the all-around game, were able to get stopped, talib make the big plays. the all around closing game that's going to carry over and motivate us in the super bowl. >> denver with these pictures today, the super bowl 50 logos on to the white jerseys, there's peyton, nice, broncos said yesterday they would wear white jerseys and white pants in the big game. peyton manning, nfl network cameras caught audio of peyton talking with bell bill chick after the patriots game, peyton saying this may have been our last meeting, thanks for the memmries, bill. well, here's a video version, but listen closely. >> [ inaudible ]. >> okay, it might be his last rodeo, which means it might not be his last rodeo as well. no breaking news.
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last rodeo in denver, 19 million nexttseason, if he does play somewhere else. but peyton said he's not even thinking about the future right now. he told us after the game, he's staying in the moment and the moment is super bowl 50. >> we need him focused. >> no matter the jerseys, concentrate on the game right now. >> in white. >> all right. well, i think we're out of time.
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know in 2016. our list of the craziest clothes for animals. welcome to the show. i'm done know ruko. let's get straight to it with the three top stories. here's -- >> thanks so much, donna. refreshing treat that's definitely in season this week, how about a snow slurpy in the one three. >> oh, yeah. >> not sure how we feel about this. mixed snow and coca-cola. >> and you got a coca-cola slurp slurpy. john bir ket didn't get a brain freeze and avoided the yellow stuff. >> had is good stuff. >> one thing for sure, he did a booed job of bundling up. >> aren't you cold? >> no, man. >> all right, from a guy who is tough to a dog who is you haver. that's number two. >> usually in marathons, you race against other people. but in alabama alkmont, a dog got in the mix.
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